Understand how to read your power bill

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The first step to reduce your power bills is to  understand what the bill it is telling you. Electricity Account Review explains the facts and figures and where to start.

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Fluorescent Lighting

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Fluorescent lights have been around for many years and are still a reasonable efficient form of lighting, with the more modern versions even more efficient. The older tubes can be up graded to a T5 version to be around 25% more efficient.. Compact fluro globes are a good alternative from incandescent being around 80% more efficient and a cheaper alternative than LED.

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LED Lighting

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The most efficient form of lighting saving up to 90% running costs compared to halogen &incandescent globes. A higher purchase price initially but pay themselves back quickly because of their good efficiency. LED’s don’t produce heat compared to conventional globes and do produce better light if the correct type is chosen. Supplied mainly for retro fitting so that you can installed without an electrician, but in some cases a qualified electrician may be needed depending on the existing fittings. I supply quality LED globes which with some have up to a 5 year warranty, the halogen replacement s suit most of the electronic and Iron core transformers with most versions dimmable as well. There many replacements available for standard incandescent, down light halogen, fluorescent tube and the list goes on. I can source many types of products and have access to a LED lighting...

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Saving Power is Saving Money

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Eco Tech Services provide unique services and products in energy efficiency for homes and businesses. Start to save on your electricity and ultimately it will save you money.

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Energy Saving Products

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You can maximise efficiency and minimise cost in various ways with our: Energy Saving Services which promote sustainable energy saving practices. Energy Efficient Products can be supplied/installed or save more by (DIY) installation. By using our products and services NOW you will be well informed to prevent high energy usage in the future. Also being educated in efficiency you will have peace of mind that you will have control, and the knowledge of how much that next energy account may be. “Energy saving tips turn into money saving tips once advised and directed what to do” * Majority of the services can be paid back in the savings of the next electricity account. (depending on the time of visit and action under taken by the...

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