Calculating current item running costs then comparing to more efficient items with an item calculator and what savings may be made. This can be done for many areas lighting, appliances, hot water, air conditioning or to your requirements. Solar power can be discussed as a guidance for future reference. Purchase and retro fitting advice also offered.

Offering in depth advice where even more savings may be created:

  • Item calculation Form: Used to calculate running costs of any item then compare an energy efficient alternative with payback times. Sound advice for when purchasing new items for long term savings.
  • How to read a electricity meter: Learn to read an meter including traditional and smart meters, so that you can do your own readings and calculate figures for yourself to identify future savings.
  • How to read a electricity account: Reviewing electricity accounts a valuable skill to know a your current situation. Advising consumption of hot water, general power and input of solar power if connected. Combined with how to read an electricity meter will lead to being more energy conscious.
  • Solar Power YES or NO: Giving some basic knowledge of a alternative energy source solar power. Answering questions you may have then discussing is it worth the outlay?, Will it suit your lifestyle, budget, habits and how much money may it save the future? I give general advice and if you would like to investigate further it can be organised if required.

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